2019 word: Pursuit

It is the end of March and I am most definitely late to the party. There is this new trend where we choose one word to dedicate the whole year toward. Everyone chose their words in January, and I tried to do the same but I couldn’t get myself to find just one word for one whole year. I mean, so much can happen between January and December. Do I choose a super broad word or a specific word? Is “wine” an acceptable word? These are the questions I ask myself. Here we are at the end of March, and I have finally chosen a word. My word for 2019 is PURSUIT and here’s why:

Pursue: continue or proceed along a path or route.

For many years, I have half-heartedly approached the things that are unfamiliar to me. Naturally, I would dip my toes in the waters of life, but would never fully submerge myself. I would approach life in a “Yeah, but” sort of way. This has caused me to be half in and half out of most of the things I do. That way, if it works, I can easily jump in. If it doesn’t work, I can back out just as quickly. However, maybe things haven’t been as successful as they should have been because I have only always been half invested.

This year, I hope to pursue happiness, fearlessness, and stronger relationships with friends, family, and God. This is hard to do. In order to pursue happiness, we have to make an effort to find it in every situation, even the bad. In order to pursue fearlessness, we have to find confidence in our weakest moments. To pursue our relationships, we have to put ourselves aside more often than not in order to reach those around us. I will admit that this one will probably be hardest for me to do. I love my time alone, it’s how I recharge. I will not be flawless in my pursuit. I do not expect to be unwavering or perfect, but I do believe that I will be more fulfilled just by trying.

Although “pursuit” is my main word, “tacos” might be my second word because I know 100% that the more tacos I eat, the better this year will be but I’m just gonna let that one go.

What is your 2019 word? Comment below!